Safety training for the construction and transportation industry

Master Class Construction Safety Group offers a wide range of safety courses aimed at workers and section managers in the fields of construction and transportation industry. These fields can be very hazzardous and accidents happen once and again, putting the health and even lives of workers at risk, causing economical loss and costing the company in credibility and reputation. 


We offer training and education on all main aspects of work safety. Our courses are certified and taught by safety professionals with years of expertise in the area. They are enriched with the teachers' personal experience and observations that they have gathered throug many years working in the sector.

Here are the courses we offer at Master Class Construction Safety Group.

Safety regulations & laws

Cargo handling

Companies need to comply with security regulations in order to keep functioning. Also, remarkable compliance is awarded by trustable certifying organizations, which increases work load and popularity among the population. Safety compliance is a fundamental investment for any company.

In this course you will learn about safety legislation in your area, safety controls, certification systems and security requirements. You will also develop a plan for security compliance that you will be able to apply to your own company under the supervision of your trainers.

This course is composed of both theorical and practical classes where you and your staff will learn about the basics of safe cargo handling. This includes inland cargo, on deck and air freight.

Contents include the usage of restraint methods and straps, cargo lifting and assorting, containter manteinance, the use of safety equipment and security measures on deck and in cargo holds. We offer practical classes in real storage lots where trainees can practice all they learn in class under supervision.

Storage safety

Operation of vehicles

 Your clients will entrust you with thousands, even millions of pounds in cargo. They want to make sure their goods or supplies are safe in your hands, that they are properly handled and stored. It is your duty to make sure their cargo is kept in good condition and safe from all dangers. Cargo deterioration or containter damage will cost you money and reliability to the eyes of your clients.

In this course you will learn how to store cargo and keep it safe from theft and spoilage. Contents include security measures and surveillance, stacking techniques, warehouse conditioning and special storage - cold chains, handling fragile cargo, etc-. 

 Many accidents occur with improper operation of vehicles. If you purchase good quality units and they are properly driven, the danger should be reduced to a minimum.

The operation vehicles course covers all common vehicles used in the industry, including lifts and forklifts, cranes and electric vehicles. Safe driving, the use of safety equipment, responsible handling of cargo and stacking techniques will be covered. We have a wide range of vehicles available in a training lot so our trainees can practice in real life what they have learned in the course.


Our students.

"The courses of Master Class Construction Safety Group have changed the way we see things in our company. It was a very wise decision to hire them for our staff's training. Now everyone is safer and our clients see us as more reliable."

By Edgar Norton
White Towers Inc.

"Safety is becoming one of the biggest concerns in the transport industry. We have found very professional trainers within Master Class Construction Safety Group. We will invest all we need in order to ensure we provide the safest services to our clients."

By Diana Lewis
Baltimore Haulage Company

"The guys at Master Class Construction Safety Group are the best I have seen in a good while. They know all they need and they are very good at teaching. In just a few days they instructed us on so many good things, now we are better at what we do thanks to them."

By Robert Rodriguez
El Escalante Transportation

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